School Meals

School Meals Program aims to provide regular, nutritious food to poor vulnerable children who are unable to have good quality food at home and could not afford to buy. The poor family both in urban and rural parts of Nepal could not provide nutritious meal to their children that impact negatively on children’s ability to learn and benefit from education. Generally in urban area, the wage laborers’ children go to school with empty stomach thus, they could not concentrate on study that results high drops out so, school meals energize children to stay in the classrooms. By providing vulnerable students with access to nutritious foods, these programs contribute to:  the growth and development of the body and mind; a healthy immune system; healthy energy levels; appropriate classroom behaviors; and social inclusion among peers. School meals acts as Safety Nets and Social Protection that help families to tackle their food insecurity and help break the inter-generational cycle of hunger and poverty. A daily school meal allows children to focus on their studies rather than their stomachs and helps to increase enrollment and attendance, promotes graduation rates and improves cognitive abilities.

Project Target Area:  Public Schools

Targeted beneficiaries: 1000 children


Just US$0.50 will provides a nutritious 1 school meal food for a starving child while US$1000 can feed a child for an entire school year.